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What is Dehydral?

Dehydral is a topical cream to treat hyperhidrosis. It is made in Canada.

Dehydral Hyperhidrosis Cream

What makes Dehydral different?

For one, Dehydral is a cream. Most basic antiperspirant type hyperhidrosis treatment products are liquids, lotions or sprays. The main difference, however, is that Dehydral contains 8 percent Methenamine. Methenamine is an antibiotic whose main use to date has been to eliminate bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. It is also known as Hexamine.

My results from treating hyperhidrosis with Dehydral

In April 2004, I tried out Dehydral Cream for my excessive feet sweating problem. At the time, both Dehydral and Antihydral had become quite popular, with many users claiming that they were better products than your typical antiperspirants. Prior to trying out Dehydral, I had only tried one or two other prescription strength antiperspirant type products. One was the very popular Drysol for my hand sweating shortly before I had ETS surgery in 1998, and another was some kind of cream that I tried when I was in my mid-teens. Both products were not effective for me.

For the brief time I tried Dehydral, it did not help my excessive feet sweating. Since I had ordered two tubes (each costing about $12 Canadian at the time), I decided to use the second tube on my armpits. I got excellent results there, although I did not re-order the product since armpit sweating does not bother me. Moreover, using such a cream on a daily basis could cause side effects in the long run. Methanamine has some known and unknown side effects, although they are probably unlikely to occur at such small doses.

If you do try Dehydral, I have read that it helps to apply the cream every night after washing your feet (or hands). Some people also wrap cellophane around the feet after applying the cream, probably because this stops evaporation. I did not do all this, since even if it helped the treatment work, I was not keen on going through this routine every day of my life until a non-surgical cure for hyperhidrosis was discovered.