Topical glycopyrrolate?

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Topical glycopyrrolate?

Postby Ang » Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:43 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. Have been using Drysol for years, have tried Robinul, and my dermatologist (a new one as I've moved) has now recommended glycopyrrolate solution to apply to my hands and feet. So I've already tried this in the oral form (Robinul), but am just about a week into applying it every night on my hands and feet and then washing off in the morning. It's 1% solution - from a compounding pharmacy - they made it in more of a moisturising base because I said the Drysol makes my hands and feet so flaky. So she said it was either alcohol or this other base. It was so much more expensive than Drysol ($20 vs $320) and I don't think it's doing a damn thing.

Has anyone else used glycopyrrolate solution directly applied on your hands and feet (or elsewhere)? How long does it take to work? I was told to just apply it at night, put cotton socks/gloves over and then wash off in the morning - don't worry about cling wrap like I do with Drysol or anything like that - but if I'd be using Drysol for a week every single night my hands and feet would surely be a bit less sweaty than they are with using this stuff! :|


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Re: Topical glycopyrrolate?

Postby pinker1 » Wed May 28, 2014 8:16 am

Hi Angie,

I've tried glycopyrrolate cream before, is this what you used? It didn't work on my hands or feet either. I think I went up to 1% glycopyrrolate.

I think the hands and feet are too difficult to treat using creams and lotions. The only realistic options are iontophoresis or (in the future) possibly destroying the sweat glands with something like miradry.

Saying that, glycopyrrolate solution did work on my hands and feet. This is applied via iontophoresis. Some people crush robinul tablets in the trays but I don't think it is anywhere near as effective due to undissolved particles.

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