My solution, works 99% of the times, highly effective.

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My solution, works 99% of the times, highly effective.

Postby 2myhttp » Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:30 am

Please read my post about the horror story about my use of Oxybutinin.

I suffered from Hyperhidrosis for life, I am the type that sweat my hands and feet while idle, what I mean is, even if I am come and nothing excitable going on in my life or head, I would still sweat my hand copiously, I would wake up in the morning and within 2 seconds my hands would start sweating, and because of that I was always cold, even in summer.

Coffee was an instant precursor to sweating, to start sweating immediately, I would just take a sip and it was on, I would be sweating for hours.

After switching away from Oxybutinin, I started to take generic Glycopyrrolate @ 1 mg, 3 pills a day.
I usually take them with morning coffee before breakfast, and maybe have a cookie or any piece of carbohydrate just to make sure my stomach does not get upset from pills.

It worked pretty good, I would say like 60-70% of my sweating has stopped, but if I was excited about anything good or bad, joy or stress the sweat would come on heavily.

I also suffer from seasonal allergies so I take Allegra D, the 24 hours, (fexofenadine HCl 180 mg-pseudoephedrine hydrochloride), as I was taking this regularly in the early spring I noticed that my sweating have stopped almost 100% for weeks and on, then I decided to test using the Allegra (without the D) which is the cheaper version by 50% without pseudoephedrine, and it worked the same way.

Now I take my 3 glyco pills and 1 Allegra in the morning with my coffee, and I remain dry the whole day, sometimes if I skip a day, I would still be dry, it is an awesome, one-two punch, "sweating is a remote distant thought in my mind" (I use to think about it every single minute of my life) and best of all, no side effects, non whatsoever, besides not being able to sweat.

I told this to my doctor and he has started to prescribe it to his patients with awesome results, he was totally unaware of this.

In rare occasions I feel like a sweat attack is about to come on, but it just remains as a simple dampness in my hands for a few minutes and then goes away.

A proof of this combo drugs working together well for me is that I drink Dark Roast coffee all day now (Expresso Coffee) and Cuban coffee and there is no one hint of sweat on my hands or feet, something that was impossible for me before.

I hope this help any suffering souls out there, I would recommend going in little by little, like half of dose and so on.
There are a lot of cheap generic brand of Allegra for as low as $7.00 for a month supply.

I am looking for a "source" to buy Glycopyrrolate on line, since my insurance has expired since I lost my job, if anyone knows of a good source, please email me or post it here. :D

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Re: My solution, works 99% of the times, highly effective.

Postby KeithUK » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:31 am

I hope you can help me.
I had forced my doctor to prescribe Pro-banthine 10 years ago, and because of the side effects, I asked to be referred to the dermatologist, who can only prescribe in the UK and I tried Glycopyrrolate, but thought it depressed me a bit.
The increased level of pro-banthine I take now is starting to cause cognitive problems, so I am going to try Glycopyrrolate again.

I can't remember how quickly it worked. I don't want to experience no effective drugs.

How quickly did it work for you? Did you transission straight from Oxybutynin?

Keith George UK

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