The topical cream Glypcopyrolate is helping immensely.

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The topical cream Glypcopyrolate is helping immensely.

Postby graydwarf » Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:09 pm

Admin requested I post this here as well.

After years of looking for a solution, I recently came across a new prescribed cream called 'Glypcopyrolate' for my feet and it's been helping immensely. You put it on once a day and after some build up (few days to a week) it starts to keep your feet dry for long periods of time. See my personal story post (GrayDwarf) for more details and you'll see what I've been through leading up to this new cream so you know it's a genuine recommendation. I have absolutely no affiliation with the product, it's ingredients or anything else for that matter.

Link to my story:

Common questions:
Q. Will it work for hands or other parts of the body?
A. I don't know but I would expect it to and I would highly encourage anyone suffering to give it a shot.

Q. Any known side effects?
A. Like any lotion, it's a little greasy for a time and maybe a touch longer. No other side effects per my dermatologist but I haven't looked online yet so do your own research and post back here if you find anything concerning.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. 150$ a month if you apply the full dosage every day. It uses a click applicator that releases tiny amounts per click. I find that I can get away with just a single click every day which means my monthly cost is only about $40. One canister worth will last me about 4 months. I wear size 10 shoes so bigger feet could require larger amounts. Granted, I'm working from home now and may increase the applied amount if I start going into the work place but I haven't played around with it enough to know just yet. I was given 7 refills which will last me a couple years provided I stick with the minimal amount.

Q. Where can you get it?
A. Needs to be prescribed and then it actually needs to be made by a pharmacist. You'll have to call around to find a pharmacist that can make the stuff although your prescribing Dr should help with that.

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Re: The topical cream Glypcopyrolate is helping immensely.

Postby flea » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:00 pm

Can your farmacist do cream for me?

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