Oxybutynin (Ditropan, Oxytrol) is harmful, please read

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Oxybutynin (Ditropan, Oxytrol) is harmful, please read

Postby 2myhttp » Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:50 am

New Member to this boards, I am also a consummated Hyperhydrosis soul, I have been suffering for life, heavy hands sweating that drip, I remember playing guitar when I was younger and after a few songs there was a puddle of sweat next to my feet.

I used some Iontophoresis devices as far back a 15 years and I had to stop because my hands started to crack, the cracks on my hands were deep and painful. and it was not working, just barely working.

After I discovered Oxybutynin, I was really happy because it helped some days better than others but it was just a partial solution.
it was the best I could do then, I took it for 6 years, one thing that was happening to me was that I was forgetting things, what they call immediate memory, like having that feeling that you forgot to lock your door right after you entered your house, or turn off the gas stove, it was this constant feeling of distrust of myself and having to revisit almost every situation to make sure I have done it, it just became a habit, loosing my keys, that was another, I did not know where did I put them when I just had them a few minutes ago in my hand, and I would put them in the most unusual places, like the Medicine Cabinet, on a shelf away from my usual places, it was a struggle. sometimes I would check up to "3 times" if I had shut the downstairs light off a few minutes after I had just checked, just awful.

Also talking to a person, I would to asked them, can you repeat that again? constantly, it was embarrassing, I was only in my early 40s.

One day I bumped into an article in the net that described every single symptom I had and their connection with Oxybutynin, it was a revelation.

I went to my Doctor and told them all this and I immediately stopped the prescription and asked him to switch me to Glycopyrrolate.

On time, all the side effect started to wear off, It has been like 4 years now and I am back to myself, I was horrified of my experience and I am hoping that many here will read this post and stay away from it.

I am not longer asking anyone to repeat what they just said to me 5 seconds ago, or forget if I locked the door or where i left my keys.

I have finally found what works for me and I am such a happy human been right now, it works 99% of the times, I mean, I rarely sweat my hands.

Please, read my next post in the Glycopyrrolate section and I will tell you what works for me, I discovered this by chance.

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