BOTOX for palmar hyperhidrosis

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BOTOX for palmar hyperhidrosis

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Hi everyone! I am new to this forum but thought I'd share my experience with palmar/plantar hyperhidrosis. I appreciate how everyone shares their personal stories and treatment options they have tried and think this site is a great resource as there is unfortunately not a lot out there for hyperhidrosis patients right now. Anyway, as most of you I have suffered with hyperhidrosis for many years and have tried iontophoresis, drisol and anticholinergics with no luck. I just received my second round of botox injections in my hands and will say that this option is the most effective. I get it done every 4 months based on the guidance of my dermatologist and the results have lasted right about that amount of time. The whole procedure takes about 1 hour and the doctor typically does about 50 injections in each hand. For about 5 days after this I have bruising and marks where the injections were made - I haven't found anyway to minimize these side effects so if anyone has any tips that would be great! But I will say, although the injections are painful (the doctor numbers my hand with ice and then uses a machine that blasts very cold air onto my hand throughout the procedure), the Botox is effective in controlling my sweating. The most painful area is the finger tips, but I would recommend this option to others as it does actually work. During my most recent visit I asked the provider about topical botox - the office is participating in clinical trials for axillary hyperhidrosis and he said the struggle with using the topical for palmar is due to the thickness of the skin on the hands. He did however say they are looking into other options that should bypass that barrier. Hopefully we see some new treatments on the market soon (topical anticholinergic, topical botox and miradry for hands/feet). Thanks so much to everyone who shares info on this site!

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