Excessive sweating

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Excessive sweating

Postby Janet45 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:08 am

I have always had hyperhidrosis from when I was a kid. Now it has reached to a point that I cannot sleep well at night because of it. I just get irritated because of this problem. For many years it has been relatively light and centred around my arm pits. However over the past 4 years it has got progressively worse. I have been thinking of getting the botox treatment(http://www.med-aesthetics.com/cosmetic-botox/ ) from any nearby clinic like the Med-aesthetics in Brampton. Actually I am most interested in hearing about other people’s experiences. If you did it please let me know how effective it was, did you suffer any bad consequences, and how long did the effects of the treatment last?

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