Can doing iontophorosis affect the results of botox?

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Can doing iontophorosis affect the results of botox?

Postby Jojo_diddles » Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:49 am

It may seem a silly question but i'm not sure how exactly these treatments work anyway. But i was wondering if anyone knew. Because i do iontophoresis treatments with glycopyrrolate powder in each tray and I find it keeps my sweating at bay but its incoveniant and quite unpredictable. So i did botox treatment a few months ago. It worked for a bit but not perfectly and i was thinking could it be somehow that having done iontophoresis treatments some glands were already blocked somehow and therefore the botox didnt get to them...reducing the effect of the treatment....
i would be grateful for any ideas
cheers guys...

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Postby admin » Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:15 am

Hi Jojo, did you treat your hands or feet with Botox? Maybe you can post your results in the Botox forums and recommend your clinic in the Botox clinics forum. What iontophoresis machine are you using?

I doubt the iontophoresis has any bearing on the results from Botox. Generally, Botox treatments are effective in the armpits, but not so much in the hands and feet. One clinic told me they don't treat feet anymore as the results were not good.

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Postby Jojo_diddles » Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:56 am

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I had just my hands treated for botox, they said they wouldn't do my feet as it is too risky because of all the nerves in them.
It was hard to assess how effective the botox treatment was on my hands because i was doing iontophoresis some of the time. But it did have a positive effect for sure but the only problem was my fingertips. After the treatment i noticed my palms had good results but my fingertips were still sweating. I went back to have a top up and had a few more injections in my fingertips. ouch! but worth it! I think it must have been after 2 months it started gradually coming back and that is when i started with my iontophoresis machine again (with glycopyrrolate tablets in the water) I can't actually bear bieng back to how i was now so i can't afford to not do any treatment to see if botox would be more effective without doing any iontophoresis. But as it has been said it probably doesn't affect it. So anyway this is my experience with botox.....
Another query...i am currently thinking about how i can get my botox treatment covered by health insurance...does anyone have any good advice as to where to start? What health insurance companies support this treatment etc? i would really appreciate any!
I will post the clinic i went to to get my botox and rate it...

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