Botox injections - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Include details about experience treating HH, cost and so on.

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Botox injections - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Postby iiS » Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:56 am

Botox bottle cost approx USD 300. Doctor fees: USD 150. I think you will need at least 1 bottle for each palm.

Hospital: Al Salama Hospital - Dr. Khalid Othman

Anesthesia and Pain:

1st time: performed palms Anesthesia for 2 out of 3 nerves going through the hand. The doctor used syringes which are used for insulin injections. The process was unbearably painful.

2st time: applied Anesthetic cream (called "Emla") 10 to 15 times over approx 1 hour before the botox injections. The doctor used ice to reduce pain. Though, the process was still painful, but less than the first time.

It seems that the hand nerves are so sensitive and can feel each and every sting.

Botox injections is very painful. However, I think other doctors (may be in the US, Canada or other countries) use special injections devise which do not cause such painful experience. Please see

Other side effect: I felt that my control over my fingers is little bit weaker. For example i was not able to squeeze a lemon. (but this matter did not bother me much).

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