Clinic's in the UK -- Transform Medical Group is great

Include details about experience treating HH, cost and so on.

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Clinic's in the UK -- Transform Medical Group is great

Postby easterchick » Fri Feb 23, 2007 10:47 am

Hello! just wanted to tell you guys bout where i've had botox in the UK.
The NCC(national cosmetic centers) are ok, ive been there about 3 times and had botox underarm. Twice they've given me a discount of £50 which was really nice but if im honest the best treatment i've had is from Transform medical group!
I had to go there once cus the NCC doctor couldnt see me for ages and i needed a top up! so i went and have now seen them twice! there really good! and there who i am goin to use in the future. They cost around the same £400-£500 pounds i think but its worth it just for the break!!

anyway hope this has been helpfull! :) :)

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