Voltage of various machines

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Voltage of various machines

Postby coolate » Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:23 am

I am working on building a slightly more advanced iontophotesis machine then the battery and 2 pie pans. I plan to release all my progress and details as I go, and if it gets complex, release it as open source.

I would really like to get some details about what voltage various units put out on different settings. So please reply to this with the voltage reading and device you have.

If anyone needs a voltmeter Harbor Freight sells them cheap, or I can loan one of mine out.


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Re: Voltage of various machines

Postby markus » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:23 pm

here is something about the thing you want to do...
google simply worlds-cheapest-iontophoresis-machine
hidrex has 60 volts @ 30 ma
idromed 72Volts @25 mA
both with a ionto factor of 1800 (e.g. de20 has one with 800 for direct current, 40 Volts*20mA)
to lear more about this "iontophoresis factors, read through this:
google this: comparing_iontophoresis_units
and in addition: iontophoresis-effectivity-of-pulsed-and-direct-current

to the measurement, through the fact the body is a resistor (rc-resistor) it is hard to measure the right values with a cheap tester, try to measure the bodys resistant and you will see: you get a lot of rubbish!)

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