Where to buy Fischer md-1a - Canadians

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Where to buy Fischer md-1a - Canadians

Postby Sweaty_Beth » Mon May 14, 2012 9:15 am

Hi everone,
I've been researching on where to buy the md-1a. So far, the only option I've found is to buy it directly from the manufacturer and have it shipped. Has anyone in Canada ordered directly from the manuacturer? And if so, what your experience was like, in terms of ordering, shipping, and dealing with taxes?

I am considering either having it shipped directly to my house or to cross the border and bring it across the border myself. I've heard stories where people had problems bringing the machine into Canada because it is a medical device. I don't know how much of this is true though. I don't want to order it only to find out that I can't import it into the country.

Any advice? Thanks!

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