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Galvanic MD-2 machine wanted

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 5:48 pm
by Kimberley642

I am looking to buy a Galvanic MD-2 machine, what are your thoughts on this machine and your experiences with it?
Is anyone selling a second-hand machine?


Re: Galvanic MD-2 machine wanted

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:19 am
by pileofkyle
I know you asked about an MD-2, but I have an MD-1a in great condition for $300 on ebay. It worked really well for my hands and feet for the two years I've used it, but I really need money so I'm selling it. the only difference between the two AFAIK is digital controls on the md2 vs analog controls on the md1, and a pretty big price difference.

after about two weeks of using it every other day i began to notice a really big decrease in the amount of sweat from my hands and feet. i started in early spring tho and once summer came around it got a little worse, but i kept using it, and after about 5 months or so i pretty much quit sweating all together. i kept on it about twice a week or so since then and it's worked really well. unfortunately tho, like i said, i need to sell it so i do have a bit of a biased opion, but i'd really encourage considering the much cheaper and 100% as effective md1a rather than the md2.