does drionic work?

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does drionic work?

Postby clack013 » Sat Jan 20, 2007 10:21 pm

I have seen posts from people saying they hate drionic because it is hard to treat the whole hand or foot. I am not worried that it is a pain in the ass to use because I don't have enough money to spend on an idrostar. I just want to know is the drionic effective? (in theory it should be as effective as an idrostar because they are both using electrical currents to block sweat glands)

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Postby Richard » Thu May 15, 2008 7:29 pm

This is more of a reply to people viewing now as I realise the original question is old.

As I understand it, there are some people it just will not work for and these are in the minority.

When I first got it I was very sceptical, I was wrong to be! For me it works, its that simple. If you are thinking about trying it just do yourself a favour and get it, best thing I EVER did!

As for all the talk about it not being as good as the others as its cheaper... as I understand it they all work basicly the same way so if one didn't work another probably wouldn't!

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Postby peter2222 » Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:14 pm

Hi.. im new to this forum and want to share what is going on with the use of drionic... i bought it about 8 days ago..and been using it every day..morning when i get up and nights before i go to sleep...i use full power...every sessions..for 30 minutes...anyways...its a bit uncomfortable with the stinging that you feel when using it..but i've been through worst situations mentally with sweety now...i just want to say that my hands are not sweating right now... :P .... i was skeptical when using it first...but it does work... i don't know how long its going to just happy right now...i feel its the best 150 dollars ive spent for something thats been bothering me for as long as i can the way...its a bit cumbersome setting it up and maintaining the device...but all in all im very satisfied..and i don't mind setting it up and cleaning it for dry hands....the side effect that i've noticed with me..was my hands get a bit weak and red on my palms..some parts more red then others...i'll post later for more results... good luck with your search for dry hands... :wink:

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Postby DC » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:33 pm

My experience with Drionic has been pretty positive so far. When I first got the Drionic, I usually did 1 hour sessions. It was a pain in the ass sitting there and not moving and not having use of my hands, but I watched tv while doing it, and it helped pass the time quicker. I noticed that after I started using the Drionic, my sweating increased pretty dramatically, which I have read is not uncommon, so I tried not to get discouraged. After about 8 hours worth of sessions, I stopped using the Drionic. I did not notice a decrease in sweating for a few days after my last session, and then on about the 3 or 4th day after the last session, boom, my hands were completely dry. I even had a hard time playing basketball because my hands wouldn't sweat at all! I think it lasted almost a month before I started to notice sweating again and gradually started to increase over the next couple months. I had planned to start up the sessions again, but I never got around to it and the sweating came back full force after about 3 months. Well, I finally got around to starting up the sessions again and after only 2 hours worth of sessions at around 30 mins each, my hands stopped sweating. I stopped the sessions immediately but the sweating came back after only a couple weeks. I have started up treatment again, and it seems to be working. So basically, I have had sucess with Iontophoresis and the Drionic machine specifically, so far, although, Drionic is probably the cheapest of all the Ion machines and I would assume that the other Ion devices would of provided just as much success, maybe in even a quicker time period.

When I first starting using the Drionic, I did feel some dicomfort and pain, and a bit of redness of the palms, but it wasn't that bad. I don't know if I have a better tolerance of pain then others who have posted about this issue, or what, but after awhile, i got used to it and it wasn't an issue. UNLESS! you have a cut somewhere on your palms, or bite your nails too short (which i have a bad habit of), then it can really hurt! There were a couple instances where I had a small cut on my hand or finger, so small that I didn't even know it was there and didn't feel any pain, and then stuck my hand in the water and instant pain!

Anyways, iontophoresis worked for me. I think the key is determination and to just keep going with the sessions, no matter how much of an annoyance it is, and to not get discouraged if your not seeing results like you want or as soon as you want. My HH is fairly severe BTW. Oh and my feet sweating seemed to decrease in direct relation to my hands, despite me never using the Drionic on my feet. Once my hand sweat stopped completely, my feet seemed to almost stop sweating completely also.

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Postby Ladyjess » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:54 pm

The Drionic device did work for me, but, I started sweating on the back side of my hand & fingers. Did this happen to anyone else? I became so frustrated that I stopped. The sweat would bead up and was very noticeable.

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Postby ysh » Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:47 am

Ladyjess: I am not using Drionic, I am using Hidrex myself. I have not experienced increased sweating of the backs of my hands or fingers. Hands and feet are my main problem areas, and I have always sweated a bit on the back of my fingers as well. However, it is not very noticable compared to the palms or fingertips. Perhaps you started noticing it more when other areas of your hands got dry?

Do you have water to cover your whole hand? The water level I use do not reach the back of my hand or fingers.

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