My Drionic Experience x 2 years

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My Drionic Experience x 2 years

Postby marktomtravis » Tue Jan 22, 2008 11:45 pm

so this is my disclaimer...i am a normal guy, not sponsored by any company or endorsing any product....with that said I have had pretty bad sweating on my hands for about as long as i can remember, and i feel like it has always held me back a little. i am in medical school, and it was real hard for me to perform things like physical exams on patients because they would always react to my cold sweaty hands....thats when i did all the googling and such and found the ol' drionic.
so i bought one at their website, and felt half crazy for doing so.
a few days later it arrived at my door.
i opened it up read the instructions and filled it with water and let cranked it, this thing sucks!!! i had read it was uncomfortable...and just thought sissys, but it was really not very fun. so i dialed it down to a toleralble level, like around 3/10 and i could withstand it finally. i had read that you needed like 10 hours to see results...well 10 hours is a long freaking time let me tell you. i did an hour a day for about 5 days. and i actually felt my hands were sweating more, i could actually see the tiny beads of sweat on my palms where i hadnt before...i read someone else had this happen, it was a little disheartening. but i kept at it...i think around 8 plus hours i started to notice a difference. to keep my mind off i would watch a movie or an episode of a tv show during. but with both hands in the water you cant do anything...answer the phone, change the channel, commercials are horrible becaouse you cant think about anything at all, after a few hours i had it maxed out 10/10. the batterys ran out around 2-3 hours, and i used the replacements and got another 3 or so.
i read about the 9 volt battery trick and tried it.. it works perfectly....i didnt sauder anything either, the 9 volt battery slips right in, but you have to use a small piece of metal to get one of the connections on the battery to touch the contact on the drionic. i used a pair of pliers and snipped a coathanger into a piece about a quarter of an inch long....placed it in the cup end of the 9v battery..(if the 9v has two connections one is male and one is a female cup shape thing) and then slid the battery in and it works
9v =4 hours or so.
so this went on and eventually my hands were dry, i swear, i couldnt believe i actually had to use lotion a few lasted maybe around a month and then i noticed it slipping away, and i would reblast it.
over the course of a year or so i guess i got busy and didnt have much time to do the drionic, i would still use it occasionally but never really enough...its a balance between the pain in the ass of using it and time required. I am using one at the moment that way i can watch tv, change the channel, use the phone etc.
i just wanted to post my 2 cents bc i was wanting to know this stuff a little while ago.
so in my opinoion it works
it is a pain
but if you really want it to work then i guess anything is worth it.

oh and armpit stuff while im on it
i had bad sweating there too
i used the generic version of drysol..something my dermatologist prescribed...costs 10 bucks a tube/roller whaterver it is.
worked like a charm.
i used it for 2 weeks and it went away
that was like 5 years ago
now i use it once a month or so and it stays away

hope any of this helps
good luck guys

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