BINH ultimate HH remedy

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BINH ultimate HH remedy

Postby binhly2k » Tue May 26, 2009 5:19 pm

FIRST let me introduce myself. I had ETS in 2002 man what a horror story. My heat, lerthargic side effects are gone but my CS which has subsided. I made my own iontrophoresis from a transformer. i use two buckets for my feet when I take a shower. made my own driclor ALCL didnt like it. fist off I feal good and I have IBS irritated bowel syndrom. bc of hh. what can i say i love eating out but sweat like you wouldnt believe.


a.- take a shower or bath everyday

b.- lose wieght
-this is very important. because the more skiny you are youll sweat alot less

c. - exercise
-burn off that fat and sweat off then take a shower. this will open the pores and clean your skin so its nice and clean.

d. - eat healthy.

e. - Choose shoes
-my favourite Shoes are my mesh runners, there comfy too walk and sweat, can help prevent sweating too much. allowing your feet to breathe.

f. - Rotate your shoes.
-try swaping them,so there completely dry

d.- Wear the right socks.
- It all depends if your sweating alot i have these thick cotton sock the ankle high they feel too synthetic at first but after say 3 months they become more cotton. what Ive found is that the older the cotton the better it feels. this goes for sock undies cloths. to wear them just keep throgh them in the wash.
also one more thing i wash my sock and undies on a warm wash delicate cycle. this will keep your sweaty cloths longer. OH slazenger make the best sock and their cheap. dont keep wearing those sweaty socks too long it will soak into your skin. carry spares with you.

e.- Air your feet.
- Go barefoot when you can, or at least slip out of your shoes now and then.

BINH ultimate HH remedy

first off try not to use tablets, driclor or these powder shit. or antipersperant only if you have bad odor. for eg your feet if your feet sweat it would probably be the part that sweats the most. that may trigger you sweating all over. this is my theory if you remove most of the sweat from your feet. its better for the skin and the pores so they can breath making them more healthy. bc the sweat clogges the skin. its makes it sweat more. and your feet feel very yukky. and the more you sweat the more dehydrate you get. so you feel like a drink of water. your feet or underarm or face where you sweat especially your feet are better with sandals after a long day your feet need to relaxe. and feel comfortable for tommorrow.

Now i only sweat on my feet after ets.
I use two two large bin buckets in the shower and put my two feet in each. take the shower with the buckets as catchments. youll notice that you feet are soggy with sweat. wiggle your toes to try and get as much sweat sludge off. I also have wash cloth. mines a mesh i pulled out of surf short. and use it with shower gel. to remove the sweat on your back. Finished shower, I have a cotton cloth I use to dry my feet very well. after, i put on thin socks. if i sweat thru those i put my slazenger summer socks. I just had apophenia after in a swimming pool i dry up


My homemade is 12V 1.3A however max ouput is 18V. Its a transformer. or try laptop adaptors. these are safe bc they dont leak power.

high voltage is not better i have thick skin on my feet. 1st time i made my own iontophoresis 18V the went to 36V. I was still sweating. and my feet were so sore from the machine. i couldnt sleep because it was that sore. problem being with high V it will irritate your skin so much you probably do more damage then good. what iontophoresis is I did a very similar experiment in high school the current is more on the top so dont put too much water. think about it. if you want to do your feet rest the sides near water level. Then when you switch them around try and have your sole of your feet just diped in. for the five minutes. then maybe dip them fully making sure your wigglying your toes now and then too get as much sweat sludg off. nice very warm water is best. Now i only sweat on my feet after ets. for those who sweat all over as i was before. id say your better off. first take a shower

now if you sweat all over id take a shower then a bath. then use cotton cloth and wipe the your sweat area. make sure its thorough. I think you should have a IONTOPHORESIS BATH i think you should have for points. you dont have to use too much water as most current is on top and the more water reduces the current. if you buy those alluminium trays id say cut the sides and put them in the water make sure the clips dont go in the water as then will get water in the clips. so have the alm strip about say 200mm high and about 100mm wide and maybe have those plastic things that attach to bath walls now tie a string to the alligator clips. the closer you have your armpit to the current the more effective. or your face. and keep wiping your sweat areas

Also with your home made iontophoresis. if your using alligator clips. what i did was. to avoid the live wires from touching each other. Remove the plastic covering. youll see the bare wire what you want to do is remove more of the wire protection cover so you can twist the two wires you want to join. then tape it up with rubber tape. and REMENBER to connect your setup before you plug it to power. bcs mine just died. i pluged it in first. as i was setting it up the live wires touched. it sparked. now i have to get a new for $12.

MY home made iontophoresis i accidentally got two of the wires touching and just a little spark. the house power didnt cut off. the transfomer must have a fuse so that went. the power is so little the switch board doesnt even notices it. MY 5 power point pad still works fine. bought two more transformers plug into the same place spot works fine. these adaptors are safe bcs their personal electric adaptors even kids wont get shocked from them.


what ive been trying to say about my theory is that the more you sweat the more sweat you will need to remove before it feels dry. for eg you normally dont work out. and started working out .and sweated so much. well you going to have to remove alot of that sweat off. bcs the iontophoresis wont be that effective. thats why so many people like myself gave up on these iontophoresis. the sweat cloggs up the pores stopping them to breath. its like having a hand over your mouth and nose. and thenwhen it sweat it poors out like may have heard the term staking you have to try all avenues so your dry.

another thing. on the days when your off the iontophoresis. take a shower dry those areas u sweat. just put water in those ion trays without it pluged in. put them in for 20 minutes and wiping that sweat sludg off your feet or hands from the start id say 3x every 3 minutes. dont use the iontophoresis when your feet is really starting to peel bcs your probably doing more damage then good. so go off the machine for 3 days but still put your feet in the warm water till you feel your feet are getting way to dry.

About 4 yrs ago i started making my own driclor. i used a heater to dry it up. people said hair dryer but that took too long. i dont like driclor and havnt used it for say two yrs. as i said as before doing it natural is better. that means excercise. eating healthy. the problem with driclor you dont put enough then you still sweat. you put too much it getts too dry but still sweats. i have extrem hh but after ets its only my feet. and now i can say. my way works. im dry. take it from me people say put salt in water i dont think its a good idea. it wont be good for hh. the reason being. the salt is cleaning the sweat off your feet thats why people feel its working.however after using it your feet won feel natural. and when you sweat alot it feels different.just do as i said try and get as much sweat sludge off with a cloth its quicker. and your sweat pores as i said before needs to breath the salt will clog the pores. even these chemicals in the water. natural is better. take it from me im dry and have extrem hh.
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Thanks a lot for the great advice binhly. I am currently trying the Hidrex machine with decent results. Will try using less water. Even I felt like warm water is giving better results than cold water, but wasn't sure.

Please post your ETS experiences and short-term and long-term results in the ETS testimonials portion of these forums (top of the main page) to help others.


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Postby binhly2k » Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:08 pm


from the first post ive added an update at the bottom of the first post
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