IONTOPHORESIS 2 transformers 36V-28V 3AMPS

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IONTOPHORESIS 2 transformers 36V-28V 3AMPS

Postby binhly2k » Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:49 am

this setup is for my feet at 28V
the homemade iontophoresis using 2 transformers. later im going to see if I can make an iontophoresis bath with the aluminium tins in the bath tub.
what you need find a electronic store.
1. alligator clips or electric power cords
2. finding transformer, AC adaptor,or laptop adaptors, mine was from dicksmith electronics if you cant find one go to wallmart or kmart or a variety supermarket
and ask for AC adaptor there mostly 12V. IF you cant. ebay AC adaptor,laptop adaptor. now mine is 13.6V 1.5A. and i have two so thats 28V. 3A. If you can get 24 V try that.
3. the trays mine were from woolworths its a Variety store. there aluminium baking trays for caserols or BBQ.
4. need electric wiring tape.

IF your using it for your hands i suggest lower Voltage 20V.ebay for laptop adaptors 20V

now to connect those two transformers together. in my picture ive got those wires striped. now theres one positive (P) and one negative (N) now with my wires there different ones all black the other has a white line. now lets say the all black is P the other has a white line is N. now the link below has a diagram. now what the diagram shows. on the left is transformer 1 has a N that goes to the tray the P goes to transformer 2 (N) the left over P goes to the other tray.

click VIEW ALBUM on the left then click the pictures

now i do 10 minutes max on this. you dont do any longer depending on you V A. now first take a shower wipe your feet and between the toes thoroughly. or your hands or anywhere else you sweat. now use the iontophoresis now costantly taking your feet or hand out and wiping them again. so you remove as much sweat stains. remeber to switch the polarity meaning the P and the N on the trays u swap them over. i wipe my feet 3 times. dont let your feet get too sore its not good for the skin and pores.

Making an iontophoresis bath for those who sweat in other areas even face is the way to go. you may have to get the right V.dont like pills or salt.

this cost me $45 AUD
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Postby binhly2k » Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:57 pm

hey guys just to let you all know how im doing now with the IONTOPHORESIS 2 transformers 36V-28V 3AMPS its actually 28V and i used it 2days only 10 minutes each time and man wow thats all i can say its been three days with no treatment and im dry as ive never been. i use sorbolen to moisturise if my feet when there too dry.

for those who sweat all over and cannot use trays. i suggest you should try this in a bath tub with the metal seperate at least 10 cm so they dont touch

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