Drionic with 9v battery works!!!

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Drionic with 9v battery works!!!

Postby Guest » Fri Jun 02, 2006 8:42 am

I saw this on the ctsnet site and pasted it here. Has anyone tried converting the machine to accept a 9V battery? Or would it need two 9V batteries?

"I use at max power. If you ever seen an action movie in which a person is tortured with electric shocks you know what it feels like. When the cycle hits its peak, it can become quite uncomfortable, but I noticed that the effects set in quicker and last longer at max power. The key is also not to remove or move your hands around during the sessions. My sessions are about 6-7 consecutive days @ 30-45 mins each. But my dryness lasts almost 3 months instead of the quoted 6 weeks.

I also modified my units to take rechargeable 9v batteries. If you open the battery door and slide in a 9v, you will see that its an exact fit. I got snap on connectors and threaded them into the small holes at the end of the metal connectors and it works like magic."

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