ETS that made me even worse...

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ETS that made me even worse...

Postby BadLuck » Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:26 am

I did ETS 5 month ago. I had very high intensity of sweating on my head, specialy forhead and palms. Imediately after procedure i noticed that right half of my face and right palm continued sweating. The intensity is reduced to 70% but for my case its still alot. Left side of the face and left palm doesent sweat at all. I also have compensatory sweating on my back and stomack and i heard thats normal. Mentioned parts continue sweating even when its not too hot (like they did before) only the amount of sweat is lesser (by about 30%). If the temperature is little warmer you can clearly see a line on my forhead (dry left half and weat right half of face, and neck, like Harvey Dent lol).It is making me much more uncomfortable than it did before. I consulted the doctor that did surgery on me and he told me that it is normal and i need to wait until some time passes (up till 1 month). After 1 month passed i asked for re-surgery but he refused and said i must wait more even though i am his first patient with side effects like that. It has been over 5 month now and the situation is still unchanged. I keep thinking he did something wrong maybe missed some kunts nerves or idk. Can anyone please share any opinions that could help me? I am also prepareing a lawsuit if they refuse me again, and i have no idea what could be wrong, is it just me and my anatomy or was it him? Not to mention i paid a full price for the procedure.

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Re: ETS that made me even worse...

Postby Bigmanphiza » Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:51 pm

Hi it would be nice to know what Surgery you had?
I had t2 cut for facial blushing and still sweat on my forehead like you mentioned and yes from all sorts of conditions.The surgery caused slight horners on my left eye the side of my face that can hardly sweat as much at times.Apparently that happens when your 1 inch out on the nerve in surgery.My feelings are another surgery is unnecessary and will only damage the nerves further and could lead to more problems down the road,if need to talk get in contact m8

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