Post the name of your surgeon and cost of your ETS in here:

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Re: Post the name of your surgeon and cost of your ETS in here:

Postby wilsonallison » Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:53 pm

Dr. Hugh Burnett in Arkansas, USA I paid $1500 for my co-payment. It was the worst decision I have ever made....

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Re: Post the name of your surgeon and cost of your ETS in here:

Postby SurfRBtm » Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:30 pm

Rarely do insurance companies in the U.S cover any cost associated with ETS because it is considered cosmetic or non-serious medical condition. After numerous calls and consultations with a handful of clinics in California between 2012-2013, I calculated that ETS performed for one hand or foot on average have total out-of-pocket cost of $8,000 USD. Clearly at $32,000 to cure ALL hands and feet of sweat, the procedure is unreachable and not an option for Americans with hyperhidrosis. What's more discouraging was the fact that each surgeon I consulted with never issued a guarantee to the effectiveness of the procedure because each of them have patients who have had problems and terrible experiences since their operation. ALL of the surgeons had to perform ELS for the sweaty feet (through the lumbar) on a completely separate operation which apparently has become a norm or "standard" surgical procedure used for this condition from what I've been reading on these forums. On the other hand, I found that Stanford University Clinics and Hospitals is NOT your typical "run of the mill" health care provider by any means. I discovered that the Stanford surgeons were extremely knowledgeable, confident, and thorough in their work, not to mention, severely educated! They knew their stuff! With Stanford, sweaty feet does not involve operating through the lumbar region (ELS) unlike EVERYONE else. Interestingly, Stanford had been using this technique for years! I'm completely baffled that no other surgeons in the world have figured this out. They successfully cured my sweaty palms and feet under ONE ETS operation. They permanently severed the 2 T nerves that controlled sweating of the hand and feet on both sides of my body from the same incisions! They don't charge you for each limb they cure of sweating, they charge you for each side of your body . That's half the typical out-of-pocket cost! Not only do you have world class surgeons working for you, but they can kill two birds with one stone (palm and foot), and the cost is a little easier to swallow for some who can afford it.

In my case, because I am on disability for another unrelated condition, I am under the government health program, Medicare, which considers hyperhidrosis a medical condition and therefore will be covered 80% of the total contracted rate. Medicare is the coverage used by US residents in their retirement age and people under disability so contracted rates for people under Medicare is very minimal simply because these individuals live on fixed income. Under Medicare, the maximum ANY hospital or health provider can charge a patient for the ETS procedure for BOTH sides was $2000 of which 80% was paid by Medicare. My portion for the entire operation for both hands and feet was just a little over $400 in 2013. I experienced compensatory sweating for about 3-4 months around my abdomen ad legs but then it simply went away. Now, I sweat when I exercise or eat spicy food which to me is normal. My recommendation to all is choose your surgeon carefully! Just because they've had years of experience doesn't mean they are knowledgeable and confident at what they do. Unfortunately there are MANY incompetent and inferior surgeons out there who claim they have extensive expertise in this department but their real motivation is getting your money! I've done my homework and found the right group of experts to work for me.

Stanford Hospitals
Thoracic Surgery Clinic
875 Blake Wilbur Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: 650-498-6000

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