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Welcome to the forums at no-ets.com

Postby admin » Wed Jan 04, 2006 1:00 pm

This board is meant to be a one stop information source regarding the numerous nonsurgical treatments that are available for people suffering from hyperhidrosis (palmar as well as other).

Treatments are broken out into various categories and subcategories for convenience.

ETS surgery experiences can be discussed in this section of the forum. I do not intend to create several separate forums to discuss ETS surgery, ETS side effects, ETS reversals etc...

ETS is beneficial for many people, but the side effects can by annoying or sometimes devastating. In addition, why mess with the internal workings of the human body if alternative treatments are successful? The sympathetic nervous system controls many other functions besides sweating and blushing, and it is best to avoid permanently damaging it if at all possible.

Many people find the iontophoresis treatments especially effective, but than becoming tired of performing them repeatedly and go for the "quick and permanent" ETS surgery. That is a mistake. Just keep doing iontophoresis, and in the future there will no doubt be even more and better alternatives to surgery.

If none of these numerous alternative treatments work by themselves or in various combinations, ETS surgery is an option -- since as a former sufferer of severe palmar hyperhidrosis, I can understand how annoying and restrictive the condition can be.

Please follow the usual rules of conduct and civility on here that you would in real life.
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