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Major project to figure out water properties & success rate

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:23 pm
by admin
Please check the below link for more information on how you can help. Does not matter what machine you have or the level of detail you can provide. Anything is great.

Re: Major project to figure out water properties & success r

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:43 am
by Rob
This is precisely what I am trying to find out myself. Glad somebody has taken the initiative to try and put something together for this. It could prove highly invaluable to those few who don't see the results they were looking for. I myself have had limited results after using Evian water - will update my thread ('my lack of succes with Hidrex ps500') with results so far, in just a moment.

Re: Major project to figure out water properties & success r

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:59 am
by coolate
If anyone has had very good luck with their water, maybe they could test with a site like this:
We have used them for checking whats in the water for brewing beer. Has anyone tried distilled water, or distilled water with baking soda?

Re: Major project to figure out water properties & success r

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:47 pm
by adioshh
I speak very little English, only Spanish, use the translator to send message
I hope you can understand

Took several years using iontophoresis.
Use multiple devices like the Drionic, but that has worked for some years is the Ionomat
Until early last year, it has worked very well using tap water in my town
Maintenance was carrying 2 or 3 sessions per week

A year ago I moved to town, and since then I've gotten work just
I realized that the problem was in the water, and I started researching
Use tap water in my current city hot, cold, baking soda, salt ..... and nothing, the effectiveness is not the same
I started to think about buying bottled water, and bought Solan de Cabras, and I worked at had less effect contratio even water my hometown
To rule because it was not water but the apparatus, spent several days in my hometown gave me several sessions and it worked again
I brought water there, and it works better than the water from my current city, but not as effectively noticed a year ago.
Perhaps because it is not picking up water upon which to use in bottled water although this

After this, I contacted and sent a laboratory to analyze the two waters.
3 The components of the water used:

1) Water in my hometown (where I work):
pH 7.7
Conductivity at 20 ° 69μS/cm
Calcium 4.3 mg / L
Magnesium <0.50 mg / L
Sodium 7.4 mg / L
IPC hardness 1.3 ° F
Nitrate 2.2 mg / L
Chlorides 7.8 mg / L
Sulfate 10mg / L
Bicarbonates <25mg / L HCO3
SAR 1.0
TDS <30 mg / L
Free residual chlorine 0.08 mg / L

2) water new city(ineffectiveness)
pH 7.8
Conductivity at 20 ° 90μS/cm
Calcium 6.6mg / L
Magnesium 1.2mg / L
Sodium 9mg / L
IPC hardness 2.2 ° F
Nitrate 1.5mg / L
Chloride 10mg / L
Sulfate 11mg / L
Bicarbonates <25mg / L HCO3
SAR 0.9
TDS <30 mg / L
Free residual chlorine <0.05 mg / L

3) Solan de cabras (no effectiveness) is bottled mineral water
Solids 261
Bicarbonates 285.8
Sulfates 21.3
Fluoride <0.2
Magnesium 25.1
1.1 Potassium
7.9 Chlorides
Calcium 58.3
5.2 Sodium
pH 7.82

I would like to know opinions and will study
thank you!

Re: Major project to figure out water properties & success r

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:25 am
by adioshh
could influence the pH?
According Evian comets me was very good and has a pH of 7.18
The one I worked very well was my city water with a pH of 7.7
The water in my new city has a pH of 7.8 and I was not very effective
The goat solan water has a pH of 7.82 and I was effective
rainwater has a pH of 5.65, and there are people from some forum that has worked very well

The more ph perhaps less work?
Perhaps the difference is this, Solan de Cabras has many more bicarbonates and not working, and the water in my city has no such