long term sustainability of iontophoresis

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long term sustainability of iontophoresis

Postby Starrski » Wed May 27, 2015 1:38 pm

Hi to everyone tuning in, like most of you, I am a sufferer of hyperhidrosis.

I'm just curious about the sustainability of iontophoresis in the long run, as per my title. I'm wondering if there's anyone tuning in who has been doing iontophoresis for a long time and have been able to maintain their treatments to sustain the dryness in their hands, or legs.

So far the statistics/first hand reports of this hasnt really been explored and the couple of people that i've known/gotten in contact with are only a handful. One actually claimed that he was able to maintain it for 5 years and going. Another reported that he has been doing iontophoresis for 5 months and counting.

Would be interesting to hear the feedback of anyone who's been doing iontophoresis for extremely long periods.


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