glycopyrrolate pills to make solution for iontophoresis

Products made in Germany that I have tried with success.
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glycopyrrolate pills to make solution for iontophoresis

Postby blackrob » Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:31 pm

has anyone had success using crushed glycopyrrolate pills to make a solution for iontophoresis for palmoplantar hyperhidrosis?

i am hoping to extend the amount of time between iontophoresis maintenance treatments by using a glycopyrrolate solution. i was told by a compounding pharmacy that they would use a small amount of ethyl alcohol(can buy at local drug store) to dissolve the crushed/powdered glycopyrrolate and then mix with water to get the desired concentration. i have heard of adding 2mg of crushed glycopyrrolate pills to the iontophoresis trays, which i usually use 1 liter of water per tray.

-if you had success making the solution from the pill form, how did you make the solution?

-what was the concentration (i.e. how many mg of glycopyrrolate to how many liters of solution)?

-what were the anhidrotic results?

-what was the initial and maintenance treatment regime?

please share your experience with us. thanx

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