Products made in Germany that I have tried with success.
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Hi. I'm new to the machines. Actually, I don't have one yet. Mostly cause I'm scared of the results. I've had the sweating of hands and feet my entire 20 years of life. And it's not getting any better. I am taking medication for it, but it doesn't work and it's EXPENSIVE for every month. So my question is, are these machines safe? There is the risk of getting cancer cause of the aluminum and steel... Can anyone testify that these machines will NOT cause cancer... or other health issues. NEEDS DESPERATE HELP!! If it does cause health issues or cancer, than I have zero options. So please help. Thanks.

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There is no strong evidence that the steel electrodes are safe or unsafe. A very small percent of humans suffer from hyperhidrosis, and a fraction of them try iontophoresis. So it is unlikely that one could find a significant sample size of people who try iontophoresis to cure hyperhidrosis, and follow them for a decade to see if they got cancer or other health issues. Adding to the problem is that most people who try iontophoresis go through months where they stop using the machine, and some just go and get ETS surgery after getting tired of weekly treatments that sometime don't work.

Go through this thread and all the links in there in detail and make up your own mind:

Best wishes.

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