Sweaty Palms

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Sweaty Palms

Postby perspire » Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:36 pm

Hello, I assume most of you all here have sweaty palms. I suffer from that and I do not know a single other person who has them as bad as me where I live. I tried antiperspirants, but they only work at high doses and they do not always work. I do not want to take Robinul and am unsure about iontophoresis. I guess ETS is a last resort. Anyway, its great to have this forum.

Sweaty palms bother me the most. My feet also perspire a lot, but not as bad as the sweaty hands. Does everyone here sweat in more than on place?

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Re: Sweaty Palms

Postby admin » Sun May 17, 2015 2:57 pm

Hey perspire, you should definitely try iontophoresis before ETS. If you can't afford a quality product such as Hidrex, you can always try making one at home:


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Re: Sweaty Palms

Postby Starrski » Mon May 25, 2015 6:17 pm

Hi Perspire. Let me first tell you that you are not alone, if you went to my thread you'll be able to see what i'm suffering from. basically sweaty palms, feet, armpits and occasionally groin and the area behind my knees.(knee pits?) And the only other person i know that has it as bad as me is my paternal oldest uncle. As for antiperspirants, i've never given them a shot and will be doing so by next week. I have no idea what Robinul is. As for iontophoresis, let me share with you my experience with it. i'm pretty sure i ought to sleep after this because it's been about 31 hours since i last took a nap.

My Iontophoresis journey :

Initially i started with using 9 Volt batteries, the rectangular ones. I was pretty young at that time so i didnt have much experience and exposure to obtaining car batteries / bigger capacity batteries. So basically what i did during my FIRST attempt at iontophoresis was i connected two 9 volt batteries in series which gave me 18 volts, and added two 1.5 volt batteries to make it 24 volts. basically what i did was tape them all up and connect two alligator clips to both ends and connected the alligator clips to metal pans. I'm pretty sure they were futile attempts as they were unable to generate enough power. however the shock was powerful enough to make my fingertips(areas under fingernails) ache and boy oh boy it was painful. That was about 6 years ago. after giving it a shot for 5-6 days, i gave up as i wasnt able to maintain it properly.

My Iontophoresis journey :

Attempt #2, which was about 4 years ago, 2 years after my first try with iontophoresis. I managed to buy a laptop charger that was able to regulate voltage. I was able to select a voltage of 9 - 24 volts on the adaptor and it was probably meant for charging other things as it came with adaptors. basically the charger's receiving end has got two holes where the other adaptors fit in and i simply stuck two paper clips into each hole, isolated the middle so they would not come into contact with each other to prevent shorting of the charger, and clipped on alligator clips to both clips which very likely acted as positive and negative terminals.

I clipped the other ends of the alligator clips to forks which were bent 90 degrees to sit into two plastic tubs that i bought just for trying out iontophoresis properly. after my first attempt, i found that by using a metal pan, i was unable to rest my hands on the edge of the pans during treatment as i would get painful shocks, which means that it would be really tiring to keep my hands floating barely on the surface of the water.

So basically what i did was to fill it up with hot tap water, add in about two tablespoons of baking soda and make sure the baking soda is properly dissolved in the water before starting my treatment. What i would do is start the timer for 15 mins and proceed to watch the television. after 15 mins i would change the forks to simulate doing the treatment in reverse polarity as that was instructed back in the day when i first found out about iontophoresis. I havent bothered to dig out my personal log on my iontophoresis treatment but if i recalled correctly, it took me about 28 days or so to achieve dryness. as for maintenance treatments, i cant really remember but eventually my maintenance schedules would not work and i would fail to achieve dryness. but i was able to achieve dryness for quite sometime. as to why i was unable to keep up with maintenance schedules to prolong the dryness, im not too sure. It was only until today that i found out additional information on reverse polarity treatments and maintenance suggestions. based on the information i have to say i am really looking forward to trying out iontophoresis on a professional machine.

initial results with a diy iontophoresis machine : extremely pleased with it as it got the job done.

price : charger was about 50 dollars, pans and other things about 30 dollars. total spent : less than 100 dollars.

point to note : if you have any cuts or bruises on the exposed areas that you will be treating, USE petroleum jelly to apply a layer of 'artificial' skin if not, you will be unable to last through the treatment. it would hurt like f***.

side effects : wasnt really logged as i was too happy with getting dry hands for the first time. however the areas that are directly receiving the electrical shocks do have raised bumps that sort of emulate blisters which would generally appear on what seems to be the hair pores on the third phalanx of most fingers, on the back of the hand. not sure if i made any sense and i guess it's time for me to sleep.

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