I am a Study Patient for MiraDry DTS-Mini (Hands)

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I am a Study Patient for MiraDry DTS-Mini (Hands)

Postby TravisHD90 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:40 pm

Hey Guys,

Ive been following this forum for 8 years now but I have never made a post. Like many of you I have been waiting a lifetime for a cure. I am now 25 years old and my main choice of relief has been glyco. I have pretty bad sweating on hands, feet, and underarms. We all know that the MiraDry system works very well for underarms. Miramar now has a new version of it for the hands and feet which is exciting. I was able to get a hold of the research consultant in Santa Clara who is extremely friendly. She contacted me back with news about the upcoming study and I am now officially a patient of it.

I will keep everyone updated on the study. It is not confidential or anything. I asked while I was in there. In fact, they still need 9 more patients. If you live in the California Bay area or Boston, please let me know I can get you in he study asap. It starts end of October. I will be bumping this thread everytime I go in for a visit and tell you what I know.

Fun Facts Learned So far (will update):

- This is the second study I believe for this device. The first study they used a smaller tip, this time the tip of the device will be bigger then previous. This is also not the last study.

- The name of the device is DTS Mini. I guess it can be subject to change, but it is on the contract. Protocol CP-0011

- Patients will be treated with 2x2cm sqaures on one/both hands up to 7 times. ( I hope I get all 7 on both, that's like a free treatment lol)

- In the previous study, they numbed the whole hand by injecting into the nerves on the wrist. This time they are changing it to just injecting lidocaine in the small area of the procedures as needed.

- Each procedure will be about a week apart. They will try to avoid doing the same area back to back because swelling will cause the sweat to reduce and make the results unreliable. Once the swelling recovers we can actually see the real results.

- I am of Asian decent so I asked the nice consultant lady if she thinks its an Asian gene. She said probably not, BUT majority of people who she has seen that has hyperhidrosis are typically slim and lean. That's something to think about ha-ha metabolism? O.o

- Based off the last fact. In Japan, people are very lean and alot of them have to be injected with liquid into the armpit to bloat it up to do the MiraDry Procedure. Without the extra liquid, there would be risk of nerve damage. Nerves do recover themselves though.

Study Dates (Will update):

10/08/15 Day 1: Today was mostly paperwork and the first Iodine-starch test to see if I even have hyperhidrosis. I signed consent forms that were 13 pages total. No treatments were done today. The first one will come End of Oct-Early Nov. Then after that they should come very frequently.
I am not allowed to take my Glyco meds on the day of the visits until after i leave the office. So on this day i used topical antiperspirant(Hydrosal gel) for my underarms, which made me realize something.... I sweat a lot less on the hands when my armpits are not sweating(anxiety sweating because of sweating?lol). I don't know if it was because i got some of the gel on my hands or what, but that was really weird. During the Iodine test, i actually was forcing myself to get more nervous so i can sweat more. But overall i did sweat enough to qualify for the Study. Phew...
11/05/15 Day 2: I had the first procedure done today. The room was more crowded than expected. Engineers of the Machine were there too. I barely felt anything during the procedure but the injections did sometimes have a spike of minor pain. Nothing to make you scream. I was treated in three areas on the left had only. Each area was injected once, a few inches away from the treatment spot. Then a bigger needle was used to spread more medication underneath the skin (This was the worst part, it just look so scary and where most the pain came from). My hand is super numb right now so if you have any questions feel free to ask.


11/18/15 Day 3: We ended up doing the same hand again in different areas. They did the iodine test and we did see some spots that were kind of noticeably better. But by the looks on their faces, they too are not exactly sure. I learned today that the treated areas are way smaller than i thought it would be. If we did see any changes it is only little dots. The machine is about 1 inch by 1 inch but the actual treated area is like smaller than a grain of rice. So, the reduce sweating i experienced was most likely due to swelling =(. They said this time the energy level was increased, so i hope we see better results. They monitored my hands to see if the skin got too red, being careful not to cause any damage i guess. Recovery is the same as before. i barely feel anything the next day. I can still find the slightly painful areas if i poke at it hard enough.

Good God i can never get used to the needle. The pain itself is not too bad but the mental pain and anticipation kills you. You don't know when the pain hits. I have never seen a whole needle go into anyone and then moving around under the skin like a clock until now. It goes all the way in, the whole needle lol. Luckily the way of numbing the hand is still subject to change. They are trying to find a solution to the pain because the hands are very sensitive.

Heres an image of after procedure. The brown circles are where they think they noticed some changes, and it is pretty much the area of the last treatment. It is not for sure or that big, Just a rough idea. The blue dots guides the Doctor and the machine placement, but it is not exactly the area getting treated( somewhere close to it)


Here is an image of the numbing technique they used. It's called Fanning.



Day 4: Hey Guys,

Sorry to inform everyone but I had a surprise move during the Holidays.
I no longer live in the Bay Area and had to stop the study.

I went to see them one last time before i moved.
The last visit they did not treat me because there would be no point if they can't see the results later. They did do an Iodine test though. Based on what i can tell, my results were not as good as the last study. They are trying out a different device tip so it's not that surprising. They could clearly make out the areas treated in the last study, but this time It was not very easy to see the spots. I am sure in time they will get it right.

I hope more people would apply for the study. I got paid $240 for my 2 treatments(4 visits total).

I am still in contact with them, they are nice people. If you guys need anything or have any questions let me know.
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Re: I am a Study Patient for MiraDry DTS-Mini (Hands)

Postby Mkostera16 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:26 pm

This is really exciting news. I'm glad you posted this and please keep us updated.

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Re: I am a Study Patient for MiraDry DTS-Mini (Hands)

Postby steve_nf » Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:14 pm

Thanks for sharing your experiences. About time we see a new and upcoming treatment for palmar-plantar HH.

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