Snorting Avert/ProBanthine/Ditropan

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Snorting Avert/ProBanthine/Ditropan

Postby ragj195 » Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:25 am

I had ETS in 2001 for bad facial HH. The CS has taken two negative steps over the years that means I am now getting emotionally attached hot flashes all over my body which causes me to sweat (except on my face) even if it's only 20C. The slightest physical activity, even a walk, will soak my top. For the first 9 years I only got CS on my chest and back when it was hot weather. This changed suddenly and almost overnight. Like some nerve signals had got confused and found a new pathway that caused my body instead of my face to blush which resulted in the sweating, very weird! Thank god my face still doesn't sweat (or blush)!

Anyway I've gone back to doing what I did prior to ETS. We all know that taking these pills relies heavily on whether your stomach is empty. The slightest food can cause them not to work. If you need to be 100% sure that they will work within 15 minutes snort them! Empty a single Avert capsule and snort it like you're a rock star! It works regardless of what you've eaten. It also takes away the anxiety you feel when you're worried that they might not work. Which in turn means you may find you don't end up needing them because you're not so anxious. If you do need them urgently go for a long long toilet break. By the time you're back the effects will be kicking in.

I don't regret having the op. Facial HH really is debilitating and it has cured that but the CS is something constantly changing for the worse, even 15 years on. I would never recommend that anyone who only has blushing, hand or armpit sweating have the op. As bad as that seems it's nothing compared to what CS will do to you. It's like cutting off your leg to cure an itch.

I've never seen anyone mention this method of taking the pills before so I hope this helps some people. It totally changed things for me prior to having ETS.

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