My progress with ionthophoresis

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My progress with ionthophoresis

Postby chrisRichter » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:50 am

Hi, I am 36 year old Male from India. I have had hyperhidrosis in arms and feet since the age of 12. no other body part is effected. I have the worst kind with dripping sweat from both palms and feet. I realised that I have this problem when I could not hold on to the thread of the kite i was flying. I didn't know what it was at the time and neither did the doctor. I learned it had the name hyperhidrosis in year 2000 while searching the net. I however didn't do anything about it and lived my life with it as ETS was not a option for me. Recently, after living with it for 2 decades, I came to know about ionthophoresis and decided to give it a try as it was least invasive compared to ETS and botox. The doctor (probably the only guy who knows about hyperhidrosis in India) told me that it may not work as my condition is severe but said I could give it a try anyway as it can't hurt. I got the device and started the treatment with very little expectations. The seller prescribes 1 hour treatment at 22 Volts, 30 minutes per polarity, per body part for 30 days consecutively. That sums upto 2 hours per day (hands and feet) for me. Following are my observation.

1. I noticed that it works only with hard water (tap water) and not with distilled water. I additionally add a teaspoon of salt in each of the trays.
2. First 2 sessions there was no effect at all. The prickly effect on the hands was sometimes intolerable. No problem with the feet at 22Volts.
3. Things started looking up from the 3rd day. there was some improvement on my feet.
4. After the 7th session about 75% improvement in feet and about 35% in hands.
5. After the 8th session the feet were almost completely dried. Sweat on the upper potion of the feet (the part that was not immersed in the tray). I could not be more happier. Slow progress on hands. Still get a lot of sweat on my hands when I am typing (like now). But even on the hands it is much lesser than before the treatment.
6. After 12th session i can say that feet are completely dry at all times. Hands show small progress

I have 18 sessions more to go. I hope the condition of my hand improves. I will be happy even if the hands show 75% improvement. Overall I am very happy with Ionthophoresis. I wish I could have known about this before. My social life was severely curtailed because of my condition. I write this in the hope that more sufferers of this horrible horrible disease get to know about this inexpensive non-invasive treatment.

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