A must read!

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A must read!

Postby sinx » Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:36 pm

Received an email today from International Hyperhidrosis:

"Patient-Focused Drug Development:
WE Shape Our Future

We are so proud of our powerful hyperhidrosis community for coming together to make the Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) meeting in Washington, D.C. a huge, beyond-all-expectations success!

We are showing up with power, grace and determination like never before and playing an active and integral role in shaping our future! Together we are shifting from surviving with hyperhidrosis, to thriving in life.

If you haven’t joined our collective effort yet, or if you’re ready to do more, know this:

Our Patient-Focused Drug Development for Hyperhidrosis Initiative is Still Open!

Watch the hyperhidrosis PFDD’s video and slideshow now, and contribute your comments before January 13, 2018. To comment, just send a “PFDD Comment” email to Christine@SweatHelp.org. Every comment helps the FDA, drug makers, device innovators, researchers, and healthcare providers understand what’s really needed to improve hyperhidrosis treatment. In a nutshell: "What do you want hyperhidrosis treatment to be?"

In a survey of our PFDD participants we found that:

95% say their hyperhidrosis is NOT resolved
70% are DISsatisfied with healthcare provider knowledge of Hh.
Our work is cut out for us and only by sharing YOUR opinions, experiences, perspectives and ideas will we get it done. We are 365 MILLION strong. Let's hear every voice! It's now or never. #Power2thePeople"

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