Does HH make anyone feel cold or clammy or in pain?

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Does HH make anyone feel cold or clammy or in pain?

Postby KeithUK » Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:42 am

Hi everyone,
Please tell me, do any of you with HH feel cold or clammy or have uncomfortable symptoms? Or do you all feel nice and warm?
In all my research I don't remember anyone particularly complaining about any sensations created by the HH.
Obviously the physical presence of sweat is a very disabilitating physical and psychological problem.
I am cold and clammy which drives me insane and take the anticholinergic pro-banthine, a HH drug, to stop it.I don't really have HH according to my Dermatolagist.
I just wanted to know if any HH sufferers had unpleasant sensations in their skin, if no one did or the sort of percentage.
Maybe the moderator might have an estimate.

I feel for you all and keep fighting on.
Best wishes

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