ETS 17 years ago in Sweden

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ETS 17 years ago in Sweden

Postby wetdude » Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:42 pm

I had ETS in Sweden By Dr. Lars Rex colleague of Dr. Drott
I knew hours after ETS surgery this was a life altering mistake.
Sweat began pouring down my back soon after and it hasn't changed one bit.
I have suffered with this crap for 17 years now
I live in beautiful sunny California.
and i never really get to enjoy the sun anymore.
I check the forum sites almost daily
for some positive words
Alot of wishful thinking,that maybe a medical reversal is just around the corner.
Well I'm still waiting.
Meanwhile I look at life roll by and think of all the good times I missed by locking myself in my own mental prison.
Avoiding so many fun things in life just cause of social embarrasment.
This ETS surgery is a life long curse
I wish I could say my condition improved with time but then I'd be sending false hope
anyways hello to all.

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