Natural Ways to Stop Facial Blushing

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Natural Ways to Stop Facial Blushing

Postby jasonellis » Fri May 01, 2009 5:52 am

Blushing crushes your confidence. It’s been proven over and over again. The psychological effects of a persistent blushing problem can really affect you mentally after time. Soon enough, you begin to blush at just the thought that you might possibly blush. The redness becomes perpetual because anticipating your embarrassing complexion actually CAUSES the blushing to occur.

It’s a frustrating cycle for anyone who struggles with the self-consciousness brought on by this disorder. After a while, you really start to feel defeated by blushing. Perhaps the hardest part is finding a treatment that works fast. The fact is, blushing is triggered internally, unaffected by external treatments.

It’s not like excessive sweating where you just apply a topical treatment or condition your skin using an at home alternative remedy. Therefore, the solution to this problem must be attacked from a mental standpoint to be most effective. There are physical treatments for blushing as well but over 90% of people who suffer from this disorder (that means you) CAN overcome it using the exercises below.

Here, you’ll learn 5 very effective treatments for facial blushing. The tactics take practice to perfect. However, if you want to REALLY stop blushing permanently, you’ll want to learn and implement these exercises as soon as possible. Let’s get started and put an end to this embarrassing problem!

Building Your Confidence is the first Step!

It all starts here. Do you know what the number one cause of blushing is? Shyness! A lot of people resign to the fact that their lack of self confidence has doomed them to a life of continuously red appearance. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Engaging in confidence building exercises will “take you out of your own head”. What I mean by that is, your thought will shift from your own insecurities to your own strengths. Self-consciousness is what brings the redness out. You feel like all eyes are on you. If you’re not proud of yourself, the feelings of embarrassment and shame will take over and brighten your complexion in no time.

Here are some GREAT ways to boost your confidence.

1. Start a new hobby or gain a new skill

Self improvement is one of the best ways to feel good about you. Get into the habit of taking on a new skill to master. It’s this process of growing and expanding your horizons that empowers your confidence. Mastering a skill will transcend into a feeling that you can do anything in life. When you overcome one obstacle or learning curve, you’ll build faith in your ability to tackle whatever comes your way.

2. Join an online community

Finding other people who also suffer from facial blushing will give you a nice comfort level with your problem. Accepting your blushing is an important part of building confidence because you need to learn to love EVERY part of yourself – including this perceived “flaw”. Online communities bring a sense that you’re not alone and that you’re completely normal (and you are btw :). Remember, if you do join an online community that helps with facial blushing, you want to engage in positive conversations about blushing. Try not to just lament about how it’s ruined your life. Instead, brainstorm with others on different tricks you can use to overcome it.

3. Exercise and Eat right

Build self esteem with a pumped up image. Exercising is about more than just getting ripped. You’ll have renewed energy and a sense of accomplishment after every workout. Your health should be your number one priority. When you have a consistent exercise regimen, you’ll feel responsible and more positive about your overall demeanor.

4. Face your fear

Putting yourself in situations everyday that you KNOW will make you blush is a hard but powerful way to overcome your problem. Here’s how it’ll go down. You’ll basically put yourself in front of people and social situations that you know will freak you out. It works best if it’s in front of people you don’t know or won’t have to see very often.

Then you force yourself to hang out knowing that you’ll get red in the face. It’ll be a way that you can practice blushing in front of people on a regular basis. Instead of fighting to hide it , feel the embarrassment of it. Constantly punish yourself by exposing yourself to this uncomfortable encounter.

If you’re practicing positive thinking exercises, in time you’ll learn to accept and even disregard you blushing reaction.

The funny thing about blushing is that once you stop really caring about it, it tends to go away on its own. The real trick is learning to let go of your fear and take a “whatever” kind of attitude about your appearance. Vanity needs to go out the window. You are who you are – and that’s a quality you need to love and embrace.

5. Therapy

If you have trouble making friends or even forcing yourself into social situations, it’s time to start speaking with a therapist. Get to the bottom of where you shyness and low self-esteem derives from.

Therapy is a wonderful way to learn how to love yourself again. Nurturing your emotions and living without fear is the only way to enjoy life to the fullest.

A licensed therapist won’t judge you. Your conversations are kept confidential. You have a partner in overcoming your blushing. Take advantage of a third party to gain a new perspective on your life and your concerns. Your perspective, after all, is your reality. Get a new perspective on life and you can transform your life any way you wish!

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