Thoughts on Miradry For Hands

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Thoughts on Miradry For Hands

Postby Sweats_McGhee » Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:30 pm

This is just a general discussion post to see what others out there think or might know.

If you did not know already, Mirady is currently working on developing their procedure for the hands and feet. It will be similar to the procedure for the axilla, but modified to suit the different anatomy of the hands and feet. So apparently they began the studies back in Spring/Summer of 2014 and are continuing to do so. I personally have been in contact with one of the reps from the company for almost two years now. Every once in a while I will reach out and ask the rep how the studies are going. I contacted her a few weeks ago and she said that the studies will continue until 2nd half of 2017 but that she did not have a projected date for when it will be available. She also said she could not disclose any of the progress from the studies/trials.

So, what do ya'll think? Do you think that they will really have the procedure available here in a few years? If this were to come out it would be absolutely life changing for me. So I guess my skeptical side is coming out and not wanting to get my hopes up. They have been working on this for a while and it seems it could still be a while. However I realize that it is a difficult problem to fix and that even the FDA approval process itself takes several years. Also if they have been working on it for this long it is likely they aren't going to just give up. Plus I am sure they are smart enough to realize that they could make huge profits from this (sometimes a money driven world is a good thing). But I am just kinda rambling at this point. So what do ya'll think about this? If you have any factual information regarding the study please do share. Take it easy.

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Re: Thoughts on Miradry For Hands

Postby chuck90 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:29 am

Hi All - I wanted to share an update I received via email from Miramar Labs in response to my email about how soon we can expect Miradry studies to be completed for use on hands. Looks like if things continue to go in the right direction we could see this treatment option available as soon as 2018!

Thank you for your interest in miraDry.

Using a special applicator, we conducted a research study for palmar hyperhidrosis at 3 study sites in the United States. The treatment regimen consisted of multiple treatments over a period of months followed by 6 months of post treatment study visits for monitoring.

The study is now closed and we are pursuing commercialization of this applicator sometime in 2018.

Best Wishes,
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