Miradry for HANDS clinical trials

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Miradry for HANDS clinical trials

Postby newmember » Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:47 pm

Hi Everyone! Wanted to share that I received a call from my dermatologist this morning asking if I would consider enrolling in a clinical trial for the new MiraDry treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate because I just received Botox in my hands and they no longer sweat at all so I am ineligible. However, she did mention they are enrolling 4-6 patients in this trial and hope to start right away, so if anyone is interested (the clinic is located in Rochester, NY), please let me know and I can give additional info. The exciting part is that they are still doing active trials for this new MiraDry device and we are moving closer to another treatment option! I asked her if there were any studies on the horizon for the feet but she said no. Keep you all posted if I hear more!

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