myobloc botox

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myobloc botox

Postby akzo » Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:22 am

I read the following testimonial and hope it helps some or provokes responses from experienced members. Thanks.

Hi everyone,
I am new and have suffered from HH of the hands, and feet since I can remember. I also have some axilary sweat, but not debilitating. I have never tried any of the drugs or topical solutions, but I would like to look into it. I was part of two research studies conducted by the univ. of Miami. The first study a form of botox called myobloc was injected into my hands. I had complete sucess w/ this, although it only lasted about 6 months. I had no sweat anywhere - even my feet, which sweat a lot. The only side effect was very dry mouth for about 3 weeks. The second study used just "botox" which obviously was not as strong of a formula as myobloc. My results are ok, but ONLY my palmer sweat has been alleviated somewhat. This had no dry mouth, but if I do it again I will ask for myobloc. I can handle the drymouth. What sucks is that the procedure was free when I was in the study, but now, after this wears off, I will have to pay around 1,500$ a pop. The reason why it is not covered by insurance is because we need more docs doing studies so that the fda will approve it so that it can be covered by insurance. I think this could be a great alternative to ETS. I am too scared to go through w/ that. For now I will pay the money for myobloc. BTW, I have tried drionic and putting your hands and feet in water w/ an electrtic current sucks #ss. It's not fun and I don't have time for it. I have read people's messages asking about the pain of botox. It is painful, but they are also starting to use a numbing spray on the hand before injections. That worked ok. To me 10 mins of pain is worth the comfort knowing my life wouldn't be permanently f-ed up by ETS. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. This is a totally f-ed up situation, and from what I have read my problem is less severe than some of you guys, but I feel for you all, and wish all the best.

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