no success with Fisher after 1 month

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no success with Fisher after 1 month

Postby breosh » Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:27 pm

Hi--I have foot hyperhidrosis, and have been using DC iontophoresis for about 1 month, after exhausting other treatments. So far I have had no success and would appreciate any help that this forum can offer. Below is some information regarding the regimen I have been using.

1. Current 20-25mA for 20min at each polarity (40-50 min total for each session). Have done about 25 sessions over past month (missed 3-4 days, but otherwise daily). The water level is less than halfway up my toes (very low).
2. For the past 5 treatments, I have added 2 mg of glycopyrrolate to each tray and treated for the same amount of time/current. The med dissolves well as I crush and mix it thoroughly.
3. I live in Pennsylvania (USA) which has moderately hard water, so have not added any baking soda.
4. The skin of the arches of my feet has become somewhat flaky and thicker but still sweats. The worst sweating is on the balls of my feet, my toes, and heels.

I feel like I have done everything properly, and still have achieved no success. I am about to abandon all hope, but am open to suggestions regarding modifications to my approach that may achieve success. If glyco is going to be beneficial, how long can it take? Has anybody seen results after 25+ sessions?

Thanks in advance for all help.

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Re: no success with Fisher after 1 month

Postby superyou » Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:27 pm


Below are some comments on the list of information you've given. Firstly though, I've written about my own experience with the Fischer here -- search my posts for the "Using Fischer iontophoresis device for feet" thread.

Addressing your points:

1) The instructions for the device recommend voltage of 12-18 ma, for 10 mins each polarity, done every 2-3 days. Following these instructions -- using 15ma -- my feet were dry after about ten treatments. If I tried doing them more often my feet became sore, and higher voltage is painful to me. Maybe you could try skipping days instead of doing it daily? It's possible doing it daily doesn't help (and who knows how this actually works?).
As I describe in my post mentioned above, the trays supplied with the Fischer are not adequate for treating feet as the water level isn't very high. I made custom trays so I treat my entire foot up to my ankle.

2) As using the machine worked for me I have not tried using glycopyrrolate so I can't comment on this. Did you use this from the start or add this to the routine later on?

3) The baking soda only needs to be added when little current is being conducted when using the device. This is immediately noticeable. I moved recently and discovered this first hand. If you get 20 ma easily you don't need baking soda.

I hope there's something here that helps you.


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