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My Hypnosis Experiment

Based on the subject matter, this might seem like the most interesting page on this website. Unfortunately, it is a fairly meaningless page that I only decided to add because I am making pages about all of my experiences with various hyperhidrosis treatments irrespective of how serious I was with each treatment. I tried one hypnosis session in October 2005 to help with my feet sweating. It is hard to remember a lot of what happened during this treatment five years later. At the time, I was skeptical about the efficacy of hypnosis to treat anything, but I met a very enthusiastic hypnotist in 2005 who in spite of having undergone cancer treatment just a year earlier, was going to grad school and had also become an expert at Reiki, massage and more. She convinced me that it was worth a try and even offered me free treatment. She told me that a large portion of her clients were there to get help in order to stop smoking or to lose weight, and most had significant success.

Prior to my one session with this hypnotist, I had to fill out and send her a relatively detailed form in which I was asked about what I expected to gain from hypnosis, what I thought about hypnosis and so on. I had one treatment that lasted for one hour or maybe a little longer. A large part of this hour entailed relaxation techniques, including me listening to soothing music while the hypnotist said positive things to me in a slow voice. A very small part of the hour entailed the hypnotist swinging a pendulum in front of me, which is typical of hypnosis as seen on tv.

At the end of the treatment, I definitely felt relaxed (although I was not stressed in any way prior to the treatment), and my feet were dry, but they tended to be dry half my waking hours too so who knows if this dryness was going to be there irrespective of the hypnosis therapy. More significantly, over the next few days, I did not notice any change in the amount and frequency of my feet sweating. I realized that I had probably been crazy to try this alternative treatment to cure hyperhidrosis.

Can Hypnosis Stop Localized Hyperhidrosis?

I do believe in the potential of alternative treatments (especially meditation) to cure or ameliorate hyperhidrosis as well as many other medical problems. You can find links to some extraordinary inhuman feats on the hyperhidrosis treatments page on this site that are made possible with Tummo meditation. I have even known a person in real life who could eat no food at all for 60 days in a row, and she partially credited meditation and breathing techniques with helping her achieve this feat. However, I seriously doubt that hypnosis can permanently stop your hand or feet or other localized excessive sweating problem irrespective of how hard you try and how good your hypnotist is. The main problem is that palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis are caused by the thoracic and lumbar nerves respectively, and their effect is involuntary rather than voluntary for the most part. Hypnosis can probably be far more effective for voluntary choices -- e.g, eating too much or smoking.