Hyperhidrosis Forum

In recent years, a number of laser procedures have been developed to treat hyperhidrosis. Two of the most popular ones are sub dermal laser ablation (SDLA) and laser sweat ablation (LSA). Quite often, these different acronyms are actually similar procedures, but named differently due to copyright reasons.

I will update this page in detail in the future, but the only reason for creating it immediately is because several people have contacted me this year (2013) and spoken about horrific side effects after they had laser procedures to destroy sweat glands in their feet and other body parts. I would recommend that people only consider these procedures for armpit sweating, since that is the body area where the chances of success are greatest and where side effects are usually not as severe as in other body areas. Doctors have also performed far more laser procedures to cure armpit sweating relative to any other body area. It should be noted that even in the armpits, laser sweat reducing procedures do not always work.

In 2013, two people have contacted me via phone after they had laser procedures to stop or reduce their feet sweating, and were left with severe pain, and what seems to be permanent side effects/nerve damage/tendon damage. Both took months to relearn how to walk after their procedures. Moreover, both these people saw almost all their feet sweating return. One of these two people had other body areas treated too, and suffers from side effects their too (so is keen to warn other people).

I would highly recommend not even contemplating any kind of laser procedure to stop sweating in areas other than the armpits. Even for the armpits, alternatives such as Botox and miraDry could lead to lesser side effects, but it is up to the buyer (you) to make the final judgement call.

Here is a forum thread where people discuss their side effects from these laser procedures.

A useful video with some discussion on these laser procedures in there.