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I generally refrain from giving too much credence to one person's e-mails/forum posts/opinions when it comes to potential cures and reasons for hyperhidrosis, or when it comes to new ETS surgery side effects. Nevertheless, forum member Sonya has convinced me that Clorazepate (Tranxene) could be a new weapon in the fight against hyperhidrosis.

Sonya's first post on how Tranxene cured her hyerhidrosis

How Tranxene cured my hyperhidrosis.

Please talk to your doctor about this before trying it. There is hardly anything on the internet about this, and Tranxene even causes some to sweat more as a side effect it seems. Tranxene is meant to treat symptoms related to anxiety and insomnia, so most doctors will never prescribe it to treat excessive sweating. You will need to ask your doctor to read Sonya's posts first before deciding on whether its worth using Tranxene. Please post the results of your experiment on the Hyperhidrosis Forum on this site, as I am curious to see if this development leads anywhere.

Sonya said that she has seen no side effects in 15 years of successfully using a low dose of Tranxene to cure her hyperhidrosis!